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MySite – EnsureMySiteUrl: PersonalSiteUrl of page is null

Mysites configuration is pretty simple which has the basic pre-requisites:

  1. User Profile Service must be running
  2. Mysite host site collection should be created
  3. Mysite managed path for users’ site should be created
  4. mysites should be configured
  5. mysite web application should have self site creation on.
  6. Also, the end users who want to create mysites should have permission policy level of “Create Subsites – Create subsites such as team sites, Meeting Workspace sites, and Document Workspace sites.

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SharePoint : Delete “Scheduling Start Date” and “Scheduling End Date” columns using PowerShell

In general, we can delete the columns using UI from SharePoint pretty easily. But some columns are not allowed to be deleted using UI but are allowed to be deleted using PowerShell. But there are some columns which are not deleted from PowerShell as well without some tweaks.

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SharePoint CU Installation – An error occurred while running detection

Sometimes when we try to install patches in SharePoint environment we face the error stating

An error occurred while running detection.

This is due to a reason that SharePoint couldn’t recognize whether the version of the patch that is going  to be installed is valid for your environment or not.

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Extract WSP Contents using PowerShell

Recently, I encountered a requirement to extract the wsps from SharePoint Content Database and extract its contents. Extraction of WSP is already mentioned in many blogs. So, I would just guide how to extract the WSP contents.

Following is the command which is used to extract the WSP contents and saves its contents to a particular path:

expand <FullPathToWSP> <DirectoryWhereFileNeedsTobeExtracted>  -F:*

The above command is a built-in Windows utility which extracts the content of WSP. Following is the example of the above mentioned command.

expand C:\mySolution.wsp C:\SolutionExtract\mySolution  -F:*


SharePoint 2010 Designer error “Your server may be of higher version than the currently installed SharePoint Designer”

Problem: “Your server may be of higher version than the currently installed SharePoint Designer”

I recently faced a problem, where I was prompted to login again & again in the SharePoint claims website. I was working in a farm environment with 1 WFE, 1 application server & 1 DB server.

When I open SharePoint designer & try to connect to the website. I was authenticated but again redirected to login page & continuously it happens. SharePoint Designer 2010 gives an error message somewhat like “Your server may be of higher version than the currently installed SharePoint Designer”.

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