MOSS 2007: Get Admin Content Database Name

Recently, I ran into trouble in which I couldn't find a simple way to find the admin database name in MOSS 2007 as its not displayed in Central Admin and there is no PowerShell supported in MOSS 2007 so we have to deal with stsadm tool. So, to find that I used stsadm command's operation … Continue reading MOSS 2007: Get Admin Content Database Name


Extract WSP Contents using PowerShell

Recently, I encountered a requirement to extract the wsps from SharePoint Content Database and extract its contents. Extraction of WSP is already mentioned in many blogs. So, I would just guide how to extract the WSP contents. Following is the command which is used to extract the WSP contents and saves its contents to a … Continue reading Extract WSP Contents using PowerShell

How to report progress in a timer job

In SharePoint we have a provision to report the progress of a timer job. I was wondering how do various SharePoint inbuilt timer jobs's report the status of the timer job. Thankfully to the API method provided SPJobDefinition.UpdateProgress method which accepts integer as a parameter. You can use this method to call in SPJobDefinition.Execute method … Continue reading How to report progress in a timer job