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Call a JavaScript method/code from Asp.Net Code behind

In day to day development, we face a requirement that we need to call a JavaScript method or some lines of JavaScript code from code behind. There are several ways to accomplish this.

  1. Using ScriptManager Class.
  2. Using Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock or Page.RegisterStartupScript or Page.ClientScript object

Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock or Page.RegisterStartupScript methods are deprecated methods and they shouldn’t be used. Microsoft has replaced them with┬áPage.ClientScript object methods.

ScriptManager class can also be used to do the same but with the slight difference, these methods are compatible with Asp.Net AJAX partial post backs where as the Page.ClientScript object methods are not compatible with Asp.Net AJAX.

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How to get Post Back Control ID when using Update panel

Recently, I faced an issue in which I need to get the ID of the control which is responsible for post back inside update panel.

If we are using Update Panel and then we cannot get the post back control id using Request.Form[“__EVENTTARGET”].

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