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C# | Nullables and null-coalescing operator

Nullables are the special value types which can contain their range of values along with null as an additional value.

Nullables are very useful especially when we deal with database or external systems where there is a possibility of empty or null value for an expected value type.

Lets see how nullables can be created and used.

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Visual Studio 2017 15.6.7 Update released

Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.6.7 version was released on April 26, 2018 with the below updates:-

    • VS responsiveness for GIT repositories has increased.
    • /debug:fastlink PDBs now uses less heap memory and is more robust now usually for C++ projects.
    • Couple of C++ compiler fixes
    • Now projects of Java can be used till version JDK 8, Update 172(JDK version 8u172).

To summarize, this update contains fixes related to GIT repositories, C++ compiler, C++ builds, and support for Java.

For more information, please refer MSDN here.

C# – Custom Attributes

Attributes in C# is a way to declaratively add some metadata to the code which can then used to add some functionality using reflection.

Like in XML or HTML we have attributes to define some piece of functionality similarly in .NET we can add attributes to classes, properties, methods etc. All the places where the attributes can be declared or used can be found in AttributeTargets Enumeration.

So, lets see what are the benefits, some of the default attributes provided by the framework and how can we create our own attributes.

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Error SQL70001: This statement is not recognized in this context

Today, I got this weird error on my SQL script in Visual Studio 2017, where in it was highlighting various SQL statements when I copied the SQL file and added it to the project. Below is the exact error in Visual Studio 2017.

Error SQL70001: This statement is not recognized in this context.

However, the solution is simple. Select the file in the solution explorer, click F4 and change the Build option in properties window to none instead of build.