Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript

In this article I would like to post about the better way to program in JavaScript. First, I would try to list down few concepts about Object Oriented Programming and then  I would try and explain how these concepts can be incorporated in JavaScript. This topic is big in itself so I would break this … Continue reading Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript


Anonymous Method in JS

What are anonymous methods? Anonymous methods are the methods which have no name. As they have no name so they can only be called at the time of their definition. Example of an anonymous function: function(){ //do something }(); The above method is anonymous method and we can call it once. Also we can pass … Continue reading Anonymous Method in JS

Call a JavaScript method/code from Asp.Net Code behind

In day to day development, we face a requirement that we need to call a JavaScript method or some lines of JavaScript code from code behind. There are several ways to accomplish this. Using ScriptManager Class. Using Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock or Page.RegisterStartupScript or Page.ClientScript object Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock or Page.RegisterStartupScript methods are deprecated methods and they shouldn't be used. … Continue reading Call a JavaScript method/code from Asp.Net Code behind