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I work as a Sr. Software Developer in an MNC and mostly work on Micorsoft Technologies.

Error in installing .NET Framework 4.7.2 – not supported on this operating system.


If you are installing .NET Framework 4.7.2, you might see error message like

Blocking Issues:

The .NET Framework 4.7.2 is not supported on this operating system.

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Delete all node modules in the directory

Sometimes when you are coding in VS Code and you want to clean up node_modules folder, you either delete the files directly or you can run the below command in VS Code’s PowerShell terminal which is pretty handy.

ls node_modules | ForEach-Object { npm uninstall $}

Hope this might be useful to some people who want to automate things.

C# | Generic Converter

There are times when we need to dynamically convert/parse the object from its string value to its type.

Below is the generic converter code which we can use instead of creating method for each type.

SomeType temp;

var strVal = "StringValueofObject";
var converter = TypeDescriptor.GetConverter(typeof(temp));

temp = (SomeType)converter.ConvertFromString(strVal);

It basically gets the TypeConverter for the specified type and calls its method ConvertFromString. If we want to have similar functionality for our classes then we can create TypeConverters for our own custom classes.

ASP.NET WEB API | TypeConverter and ModelBinders

So its being a while working on WEB API and still it surprises with me everyday with the new way I can extend it. In this article I would like to share TypeConverters and ModelBinders, how they fit into everyday work and how they can make the API access easier for end clients.

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